Shortly after I arrived in New York at age nineteen – a green kid from Georgia - I was hired to be part of the Atlantic Records studio regulars. Soon after, I became musical director and lead guitarist for Van Morrison at the peak of his Brown-eyed Girl era, and toured with his band.

I was fortunate land the lead guitar spot in the most influential Broadway show of its era, Hair, for an amazing four years. While doing the show, I was signed by Polydor Records, and composed and recorded two LPs, Up from Georgia and Portrait of a Glad Man. Studio work - jingles, records and film scores - kept me very busy during those years as well.

My good friend, legendary banjo player Eric Weissberg, had a monster hit with Dueling Banjos, from the movie Deliverance. He put together a band and called……Deliverance. We were on the road for several years, while still keeping up with New York studio gigs. The one Platinum record on my wall is Barbra Streisand’s Song Bird.

I came out to LA in 2003 and began doing what has always been my passion: recording. I've done four CD’s since I've been here. The most recent is Full Tank and a Long Way to Go. It’s an instrumental album, which is something I've always wanted to do. It was a very satisfying project. All my recordings are available HERE ON iTunes. Thanks for looking at this page and I hope you enjoy the music!

Charlie Brown

1. "Oink"

The "Greased Pig contest". little piggies are next to impossible to catch when they're dry but with grease all over'm you'll spend a lot of time with your face In the mud but the little piggy that made all that fun possible just stands there looking greasy,muddy and confused. This Song is to say thank you to all those little piggies that run around with grease all over them trying to figure why some big muddy guy is trying to catch him in the first place ! .... "Oink"

2. "Swamp Chicken"

In the Okefenokee swamp there's the legend of the "Swamp Chicken". nobody really knows what they look like because if you get that close you're never seen again. Folks say they're big, real big and they can fly. All you hear is the flapping of huge wings and a thunderous POCK ! POCK ! POCK ! Beware! The "SWAMP CHICKEN" !!!!

3. "Full Tank and a Long Way to Go"

A dirty '56 Mercury sittin' at a gas station. A roof rack and a trunk packed full Me in the back seat, mom in the front. Going from Victorville California to Columbus Georgia. Dad got in and said what he always said Well...got a Full tank and a long way to go. It felt good to hear him say that. There's adventure out there. I feel the same today.

4. "Skippin' "

10 years old school day is over. It's a beautiful day feels so good Skip skip Skippin' away. There's the little girl with the red hair. Stop, maybe she'll look at me. Not today but oh well. It's a beautiful day, Skip, Skip. Feel like "Skippin' " today.

5. "Dues Blues"

The Diamond Horse Shoe. A road house in Georgia. Young Paratroopers and locals. Band stand with a door in back. Cigarette smoke so thick it was hard to see. Play the blues as loud as you can. 45 on 15 off. Wait for the fight and the cops to show. The door in back, that's why it's there. Take a coke pour half of it out. Fill it with bourbon and pop a black beauty 6 nights a week 7 to 12. 10 dollars a night then do it again. "Dues Blues."

6. "Daddy's coming home"

A British soldier stepping off a train. Home,far from the horrors of Flanders field . Into the the arms of his waiting family. Down on his knees crying so hard his whole body shakes. A generation lost most never came back. This soldier sent word. " Daddy's coming Home."

7. "Big Feet Dance"

Big foot ? No No. Big Feet,They have two. What do you say if you see Two, I just saw two big foots ? No, you say I just saw two big feet. More than two. That's called A "furry of Big Feet" Gaggle of geese, and so on. Big feet like to party. So at night deep in the woods. A Furry of big feet sometimes. Get together and do,...(you ready) The..... "Big Feet Dance" !

8. "Sunset Beach"

Cat Island. A small island in the Bahama chain. Sitting on the sand, feet in the water. The feel of a light breeze on my face. A small sail boat at anchor bobbing up and down. The sun slowly easing into the water silhouetting the boat. I blinked and the sun was gone. Dusk and someone built a fire on the beach. One of very few moments in my life when everything felt absolutely right.

9. "Return of the swamp Chicken"

There had been too many hunters Trying catch the Swamp Chicken So he decided to scare'm. Sure enough one showed up and it made Chicken So mad that he ate the hunter. "Harrumph" serves him right. The Swamp Chicken flapped his wings and walked back into the forest Pickin' his teeth with a tree branch and a low "POCK POCK" of satisfaction.

10. "Celluloid Cowboys"

"We'll meet at Devils Rock, wait for the Posse and head'm off at the pass" ! Tom Mix with his big white hat could ride like the wind. Red Ryder with the Chaps whose name is on the BB gun that I had as a kid. Jean Autry and Roy Rogers the singing Cowboys and remember The Sons of the Pioneers. Most all of'm had "six guns" that never ran out of bullets. So many more Cowboys On that big silver screen. I couldn't wait for Saturday to watch next episode of last weeks cliff hanger. Cowboy serials they always had a cliff hanger. They're still there in a vault somewhere but I don't have to hunt for'm. I just close my eyes and there they are forever riding like the wind. " Celluloid Cowboys."